Friday, 11 April 2014

My Cycling Wishlist

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Although some of my friends might comment that I am rarely out on my bike, (RECENTLY!) I am a massive cycling fan and I love going for long bike rides, especially at university.

Being a horse rider means that my legs are quite strong but I want to ensure that I am not building muscle up in particular muscles...I want strong legs full stop!

As I would like to get back into a regular fitness regime, not just in cycling I should add, here are the bits and pieces that I want to buy for my beloved Gary Fisher... (Bike fans will understand this cycling reference!)

I really need a computer for my bike as I am useless at gauging distances. It would be useful to push myself further. Fox Clothing is always fantastic quality and this top would be fab; loose and breathable. Real cycling shorts would be ideal for the summer, as I tend to use whatever ones I have lying around but these aren't usually comfortable. How fab are these sunglasses?! Slightly out of my budget but a girl can dream! Finally, a bottle cage...would save me carrying money for a bottle of water break...gotta keep pushing on!

Anybody else want to kick start back into their favourite sport again?
Let me know in the comments box below!

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