Monday, 18 March 2013

Freebies of the week! #26

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I have 5 minutes until this post goes up on the next week again! TYPE FAST ASHLEIGH!!

Right, the toothpaste was probably the only actual freebie this week! I love a teeny tube of toothpaste. SO handy to have.

The Percy & Reed Finishing Polish came with Glamour magazine. (£2) I don't know why I picked this really, I just don't need more hair oil (see last week's post!) and I have no need for more shampoo or conditioner.

The Elemis lip balm came with Cosmo which is £3.60 normally but I had a £2 off voucher from Cosmo on Campus. Which means I got an Elemis lip balm and magazine for £1.60! YAY!

Have you picked any of these magazines for their freebies? I know I do!

I see a tear fall from your eyes.
But did you laugh so hard that you cried?

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