Friday, 26 December 2014

Winter Wonderland

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I honestly can't believe I didn't take more photos when I went to Winter Wonderland. Maybe it was because I was taking it all in.

Or maybe it was because I continuously had a beer in my hands. Who knows?

Either way, earlier on this month I spent the afternoon and evening at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. 

I'm not gonna hide the fact that it is horrendously aimed at tourists who are oblivious to the fact that a fiver for a pint is not cool...however it does have it's moments....

Like Christmas trees everywhere....surrounded in crowds of people, with games and stalls selling anything from leather goods, to baubles, to clothes and toys.

(Note I put leather goods - there may be a post about a gorgeous new Christmas gift which was purchased for me at Winter Wonderland coming soon...)

But what had to be the most spectacular part of the day was the food. More photos would have been taken if the food wasn't immediately demolished. Except for these sliders. Just take those beauties in....


Perfectly cooked; crispy on the outside, slightly rare inside and oh so juicy, with plenty of bacon, cheese and salad in a brioche bun. A thing of beauty.

Other outstanding foods? The crispy potatoes on sticks - trust me. Pork belly in a bun - I'm pretty sure this was from a large stand in the Barvarian village? - their chips were amazing too. Poffertjes from a stand pretty close to the entrance - the apple sauce ones are a dream.

Obviously there are vast quantities of bratwurst stalls (I'm not a fan) and plenty of lager stands too (Holstein is a good choice) 

Honestly, it's expensive and big for tourists. If you're taking children....good luck.

Regardless I had an amazing time and I might go back next year, even if it is just for those sliders! 

Has anyone else been to Winter Wonderland this year?

Ashleigh x

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