Tuesday, 18 November 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box #1

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So I signed up for the YouBeauty Discovery box. For only £6.95 per month and you choose the two main items, I couldn't resist!

I picked the Green People Eyeliner in Forest Brown and a Bourjois Cream Blush. The eyeliner normally costs a whopping £10.95! (The only eyeliner I have spent more on is a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner!) The Bourjois cream blush retails for £7.99 in Boots, so this box is already a bargain!

In addition to these items, the box included two Merumaya samples and a sachet of Aduna Baoab Superfruit Powder, all of which I am interested in trying!

I am such a massive fan of this box already! It is great to be able to use everything in a subscription box!

Let me know what you think of my box in the comments below!

Ashleigh x

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