Thursday, 16 October 2014

My decision not to drink (as much) as a student

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I'm not saying, "I will never drink again." That's just ridiculous and a lie, lets face it.

Maybe I am just saying that I don't want to drink like other students do. It's just not me.

I like alcohol. I like to have a beer with my dinner. Nip to the bar with a friend for a glass of wine or two.

Yet there is this expectation that being a twenty-something woman means that I must be out drinking every night. That if I am looking rough, it is because I am hungover. Heaven forbid should I actually be a very stressed student who is juggling multiple jobs and trying to have a social life, whilst returning to halls to a horrifically hard bed?!

* and breathe... *

I can't do shots. I hate energy drinks. I can't down pints. This doesn't make me a failure as a student. It just makes me human.

This is me officially saying it. I am out of practise of drinking and I am now a lightweight. That's not a bad thing.

I have always preferred going somewhere to enjoy a drink and that I hate clubbing but I don't think I do. I do like to have a little boogie and a little drink! It's just that I hate reaching the point where drinks are thrust upon me, expected to be drunk and results in my behaviour becoming horrific. Horrific as in, saying many "interesting" things to people and throwing up. We all know it is difficult to say no after a few too many!

It's tiresome trying to convince myself that I am the same as my friends. I can't drink like them and I don't need to! If I don't want to drink much, I won't!

So this is it.

I, Ashleigh Stevens, will be drinking less on major nights out. I cannot handle it, therefore I will learn to say no, to other people and myself.


(P.S. Yes I did go out on Monday. It was a sick night (literally) but these thoughts have been floating round my head for a while!)

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