Friday, 12 September 2014

Five Friday Favourites: Blogs I love

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Hi guys!

Once again, another week and I have only just had a chance to sit and blog. Typical.

Never mind, here are my five favourite blogs that I can't get enough of!

MakeupSavvy - Makeup And Beauty Blog

I love Fee is so funny and her blog posts are great. Her pictures always entice me in and I can't help but buy a lot of the products she mentions! Plus she loves a bargain which is right up my street!

Argh. The Londoner. Rose is just so beautiful, travels amazing places and eats a lot of burgers. Girl crush? Possibly. So much love for this lady.
Now let me warn you. This girl is mega talented and mega obsessed with Disney! Kayleigh's makeup is gorgeous and her reviews are so honest. I always get excited when I see Blog of Shadows posts on my Bloglovin feed as I love seeing her creativity!

Now most beauty bloggers will know of Miss Budget Beauty! I love how her posts are honest; if she doesn't like something, she will say that she doesn't like it, which is exactly what is needed. No fannying around. I can't be arsed with that.
Midnight Violets || UK MakeUp & Beauty Blog
Oh my, so many purchases, all down to this blog. But dang it, Hannah from Midnight Violets is such a lovely lady and her posts are great. Once again, very honest and isn't one to shy away if a product isn't great. I love how she weighs up the positives and negatives at the end of the post.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

Ashleigh x

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