Thursday, 8 May 2014

Typing through a panic attack.

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As I am typing this, I am crying.

Since around 10:30, I have been going in and out of panic attacks.

The reason? Exam anxiety.

I failed an exam a few years ago, which pretty much threw my life into jeopardy. It was the reason that I started this blog.

I have even reached the point where I have had alternative therapies for this anxiety.

In an hour, I will be walking to my first exam of this school year. Damn straight I am freaking out! The reason for these short paragraphs is because my fingers are all over the place, shaking. Blood pressure is sky high. Body keeps tensing up and relaxing. Feel like I cannot breathe. Head hurts.

But it's fine. It's okay to be scared. I wouldn't be human otherwise.

In the meantime, I know I have my therapist and my Mum on the end of the phone if need be. I am chowing down on the Rescue Remedy Gummy Stars (which work wonders may I just add!) and I can only try my hardest.

And breathe...

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